Other Writings

The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot. — Werner Herzog


The Freezing Few in Alaska, 2022

Heartbeat of the North in Alaska, 2023

The Zen of Soaring in Alaska, 2022

Tossing the Caber in Alaska, 2022

Driving a Magic Bus in Alaska, 2022

A Clear and Present Danger in Alaska, 2022

Treasure Island in Alaska, 2022

Swell Times in the Cradle of Storms in Alaska, 2022

A Wandering Life in Earth Island Journal, 2022

Weaves of Grass in Alaska, 2022

Facing the Sun in Alaska, 2022

The Fearing Time in Wild West, 2022

Luminary of the Sublime in Alaska, 2022

Midnight Shadows in Alaska, 2022

City of Dreams in True West, 2021

Things That Go Bump in the Bush in Alaska, 2021

Bruin Highways in Alaska, 2021

Chariots of Fire in Alaska, 2021

Recovery in Alaska, 2021

Bear’s Best Friend in Sierra, 2021

The Engineered Earth in Earth Island Journal, 2021

An Insider Artist in Alaska, 2021

The Aloha Connection in Alaska, 2021

Trails to the Whales in Alaska, 2021

The Rhubarb King’s Realm in Alaska, 2021

Caribou Means of Seduction in Alaska, 2021

Snowbirds in Alaska, 2021

Tibet in the Talkeetnas in Alaska, 2021

Flight of the Hot-Blooded Bumblebee in Alaska, 2021

Simple Retreats in Alaska, 2021

Volcanic Walkabout in Alaska, 2021

The Men of Company L in Alaska, 2021

Close Encounters with the Gelatinous Kind in Alaska, 2021

Dateline Adventurers in Alaska, 2021

Splendid Desolation in Alaska, 2021

Wheels to Fortune in Adventure Cyclist, 2021

The Last Mammoth in Alaska, 2021

Into Cold Air in Aviation History, 2021

A Great Luxury in Alaska, 2021

Professor Cold in Alaska, 2021

Light at the End of the Tunnel in Earth Island Journal, 2020

Watching the White Bear in Sierra, 2020

Frond of Fiddleheads in Alaska, 2020

Gifts from the Forest and Sea in Alaska, 2020

Ancestral Tapestries in Alaska, 2020

Picturing Nature in Earth Island Journal, 2020

The Sweet Scents of Home in Alaska, 2020

Finders, Keepers in Alaska, 2020

Dressed to Survive in Alaska, 2020

Eagle Island Blues in Alaska, 2020

Got Stink? in Alaska, 2020

Troubled Tundra in Earth Island Journal, 2020

Feline Boom and Bust in Alaska, 2020

A Parade of Fourths in Alaska, 2020

Lessons from a Sea Goat in Alaska, 2020

Good Migrations in Alaska, 2020

Uprooted in Alaska, 2020

One for the Far North in Alaska, 2020

Revival of the Bark Canoe in Alaska, 2020

First Steps Toward Adventure in Alaska, 2020

Stalking Dragons in Alaska, 2020

Frederick Schwatka in True West, 2020

Sea Stars in Alaska, 2020

Chasing the Lights in Alaska, 2019

Mystery Bull from the Ice in Alaska, 2019

Whale Riders in Alaska, 2019

Storied Landscapes, Deep Time in Salt Lake City Weekly, 2019

Second Identities in Alaska, 2019

Anaktuvuk Sojourn in Alaska, 2019

Vermilion Light in Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine, 2019

Hurrah for Five and Forty More! in Alaska, 2019

Toy Soldiers and Tundra Spaghetti in Alaska, 2019

The End of Nature, Part Two in Utne Reader, 2019

Katsinas and Cinder Cones in Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine, 2019

Bob’s Country in Alaska, 2019

Arboreal Attachments in Alaska, 2019

A Writers Retreat in Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine, 2019

Alaska’s Squishy Lot in Alaska, 2019

Views from the Bottom in Utne Reader, 2019

Last Words from a Desert Scribe in High Country News, 2019

Beware the Spiny Pig in Alaska, 2019

Arctic Wayfinders in Terrain.org, 2019

The Art of Traveling Slowly in The Smart Set, 2019

In Dire Straits in Alaska, 2019

Aleutian Life Aquatic in Alaska, 2019

Custodian of the Past in Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine, 2019

Moose Buggies and Goat Sleds in Alaska, 2019

Cutting Both Ways in Alaska, 2019

The Maternity Matrix in Alaska, 2019

Seeking Solitude in Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine, 2019

Plight of the Snow Oxen in High Country News, 2019

Seattle to Siberia in Alaska, 2019

What’s in a Name? in Alaska, 2019

Sea Veggies in Alaska, 2019

Moving Pictures from the Permafrost in Utne Reader, 2018

The Roundabout Way to Rainbow Bridge in Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine, 2018

Glacier Priest in Alaska, 2018

Green Gem of the North in Alaska, 2018

Arctic Desert in Sierra, 2018

Marks of Belonging in Above & Beyond, 2018

Gangly Delights in Alaska, 2018

Darwin’s Polar Bear in The Public Domain Review, 2018

Fruits of Labor in Alaska, 2018

Walking with Darkness in Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine, 2018

Halls of the Mountain King in Alaska, 2018

Working the Ocean’s White Gold in Alaska, 2018

Kobuk “Turkey” in Alaska, 2018

The Little Boats That Could in Hakai Magazine, 2018

Smooth Sailing on the Ivishak in Alaska, 2018

The Con King of Skagway in Alaska, 2018

Clam City in Alaska, 2018

A Nose for Seals in Alaska, 2018

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder in Edible Alaska, 2018

Steller’s Island in Alaska, 2018

Sewing Salmon in Alaska, 2018

A Bird the Color of Winter in Above & Beyond, 2018

Marks of the Ancestors in Alaska, 2018

A Day on the Ice in Alaska, 2017

Shaped Like Horse Tongue in The Times Literary Supplement, 2017

Taking the Waters in Alaska, 2017

Here Be White Bears in Hakai Magazine, 2017

Warrior for Wilderness in Sierra, 2017

Recovery in Zoomorphic, 2017

The Bounty of the Bone Pile in Hakai Magazine, 2017

The Man Who Cut Off His Toes in Adventure Journal, 2016

Here’s to the Horses in The Smart Set, 2016

Thieves of Time in Sierra, 2016

Sacred Game in Sojourns, 2016

Shadow Catcher in the Land of the Midnight Sun in Adventure Journal, 2016

Lighthenge in The Journal of Wild Culture, 2016

Seeds of Hope in Earth Island Journal, 2016

How I Defied the White Man and Out-Foxed Fox in Written River, 2016

Riding the Ephemeral in Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine, 2015

The Other Red Meat in First Alaskans, 2014

Tasting the Colorado Plateau in Sojourns, 2014

Siftings in Sojourns, 2013

Very Frequent Flyer in The Australian Way, 2013

At Home in a Hole in the Rock in Sierra, 2012

Classroom with a View in National Parks, 2011

Jeff Rice Collects Nature’s Noises in High Country News, 2011

The Arctic Refuge Turns 50 in National Wildlife, 2010

Closed Range in Weber Studies, 2008

Seventh Natural Wonderland in Arizona Highways, 2008

Hope or Just Howling at the Moon? in San Francisco Chronicle, 2006